Lucid Dreaming Ep. 5 & 6

“Only Instagram” & “Breathing Underwater”

“Only Instagram”

I realized I was in a dream because the scene was so bizarre: an animated pig blowing a party horn and the scene was all drawn in neon lights. It faded to darkness as I got lucid and I tried to stabilize the dream without kneeling by just concentrating really hard. I’m pretty sleep-deprived at the moment and remember feeling too tired to concentrate but pushing through it anyways. It’s weird because usually I’m really excited to be lucid but this time was pretty meh… Then when the dream stabilized I could only see an iPhone screen. (I know I really need to get off of technology more). All of the apps on the screen were blurred out (how they look when you run out of time if you set a time limit) except for Instagram. I remember that this really annoyed me bc I didn’t wanna go on Instagram (and ironically Instagram is actually the only app I actually do have a time limit for) I tried to look away which didn’t really work because my “self” didn’t really exist in this dream so I asked “show me something else” and the screen faded to pitch black. I couldn’t see anything and then woke up - I remember feeling a lot of emotion and energy when I woke up so I’m guessing that’s why I lost lucidity but I don’t really get why that blackness would be exciting lol.

“Breathing underwater”

This was one of those false wake up dreams where I thought I was awake in my bed but realized I was covered in water. This immediately led to feelings of panic because I couldn’t breathe. I finally opened my mouth when I couldn’t hold my breath anymore, expecting it to be filled with water but actually I could breathe normally. This ability made me realize I was dreaming but as the scene faded to blackness I couldn’t stabilize it and lost lucidity (went back to regular dreaming). I think a key reason I failed was because I was doing the thing where I try to open my eyes to see more clearly and even though this time I remembered that I didn’t need to open my actual eyes to open them in the dream, physical control is still less effective than “willing” the dream to stabilize, so I’ll keep that in mind next time.

I’ve never had two lucid dreams in one night before so this was huge for me and I’m guessing it might be because I got woken up at like 5am and went back to sleep for a bit at 10am so it’s kind of like the wake up and then go back to sleep strategy. I’ve still never used an actual reality check but I think that’s just because I’m really bad at remembering to do them in waking life.