Hi I'm Grace

and I love asking questions...

"? - How can I be more effective..."

I've been learning how to do things for my whole life, and yet I never learned how to do things. I soon realized this was the culprit of the chaos, stress, and anxiety that was a constant in my head. I like to compare the organization of my mind to my family's house. As a child, I didn't understand anything about my house other than the fact that I would occasionally get new things like legos or a baby brother (or three!). When I was older, my "cleaning" always began with dumping the contents of every drawer and cabinent in the entire house onto the floor. My mom loved this. I just didn't understand how someone could possibly clean without completely restarting. My dad would often sweep the floors and scrub the counters but this cleanliness always seemed superficial to me. I realized I couldn't entirely re-invent my house but I also couldn't clean up randomly. I needed a system. Creating this type of system is exactly what I set out to do for my life. I couldn't just dump myself out onto the floor and start over, but following tips here and there was also not an option. I needed a place to start and map to follow. And since one didn't exist, I decided to make my own.

Let's talk about goals. And I don't mean goals in the boring, obligatory sense of the word. To me, goals represent the path I want to be on and what it takes to stay on (or at least wander around) that path. Working efficiently allows me to do this without scacrificing the rest of my life.

Ahh free time, the stuff of dreams the elusive beast. I'm a firm believer that people make time for things they really care about. Obviously there are some exceptions but in my experience, people who really want something go and get it. I love new experiences so my free time is spent chasing novelty, whether that be that be in food, yoga, travel, or even ideas. If time is the stuff of life, then I'm not spending all of mine working.

I am so freaking curious. About everything. I always keep a list of questions with me, so when I'm curious about something I can save it for later (instead of being eternally distracted). I also love learning new things, which means I spend a lot of my free time exploring ideas from that list. It just so happens that my curiosity often revolves around learning more effectively: a rather fortuitous cycle.

"...to explore my curiosity."