Grace Brentano

(Software Engineer)

School : University of Pennsylvania
Degrees : BAS Computer Science
BA Cognitive Science Mathematics Minor
Skills : Machine Learning,  Python,  Java,  C++,  C
Languages : English,  French,  Chinese
  • 2020-present

    X, the Moonshot Factory

    [Software Engineer]

    MTV -- ML lead for early-stage project

    Perception Engineer @ Tidal (2020-2021)

  • 2019

    X, the Moonshot Factory

    [Machine Learning Resident]

    MTV -- Participated in the AI Residency Program @ X while working on an early-stage machine vision project. Continued running machine learning experiments and building data processing pipelines. Additionally, did 20% work on the product management side of the project, interfacing with both our core technical team as well as outside partners to refine requirements.

  • 2018

    X, the Moonshot Factory

    [Software Engineering Internship]

    MTV -- Worked on an early-stage machine vision project with a small technical team. Ran machine learning experiments to understand a key subproblem and determine feasibility.

  • 2017

    VITA Fitness


    Philadelphia -- VITA Fitness was an on-demand, peer-to-peer fitness network designed to revolutionize the personal training industry. The app allowed experienced gym-goers to lead others through a workout, similar to working out with an experienced friend. Worked with a team of 2 to develop app and begin beta testing. Discontinued after encountering legal issues.

  • 2017

    Monitor Deloitte

    [Technical Consulting Internship]

    Shanghai -- Aided the integration of commercial policies following the merger of two top 10 pharmaceutical companies. Developed python program to optimize rebate and discount ladders for each sector. In continued use and integrated into other projects. Modified Qlik code to optimize front-end for each client demonstration.

  • 2016

    Mentor Graphics

    [Software Engineering Internship]

    Portland -- Coordinated integration between two product divisions and created local servers, slides, and sales videos to be used in customer demos. Edited meta-models on virtual machines to make customer-specific demonstrations. Set up a server and front-end interface for editing and testing connections to INI files.

  • 2014/2015


    [Product Management + Marketing Internship]

    Kansas City -- Assisted in development of first product launch plan and social media marketing campaign. Led interview series discussing how successful women overcame career challenges.