Don't Be Sad It's Over

For the last 3 months, I lived in a dream on Madeira Island. The blue skies, sunshine, and endless green made it an escape from the overbearing pandemic both figuratively and literally. I always knew this arrangement was temporary, and so I loved it that much harder.

There’s nothing beautiful about perpetuality. I used to be so afraid of losing things. People. But mostly emotions. How could one return to normalcy after experiencing pure bliss?

And then I realized-

Each moment is what each moment is. There’s no holding or wanting or yearning because you release control.

You don’t just live your life. You love it. Not in spite of it always leaving you, but because of it. Ephemerality is beautiful.

You might think it sad to trade such a lovely island for a blistering cold suburban life, but I have no such qualms. I saw, lived, breathed, and dreamed so much of this island — it will always be a part of me.

But in the coming months, I hope to show you that the magic isn’t about living on a tropical island. Nor is it about what you do. It’s about feeling. Without fear. Loving. To let go.