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What is Kaizen by Grace?

  • Kaizen by Grace is a step-by-step system to help you tackle life’s challenges more effectively.

  • Before starting this journey, I was constantly overwhelmed by what I needed to get done. Shockingly, being overwhelmed did not actually help me accomplish anything. I’d often turn to the internet for advice on where to start, only to be overwhelmed by the surplus of productivity, health, and happiness “tips” online. Everything seemed so complicated and unorganized, which meant that I usually ended up right back where I started.

  • I realized that if I wanted to make any progress, I would need simple and systematic approach. I began collecting and organizing the tips that worked for me, unknowingly creating the foundation of Kaizen by Grace. Although I have come a long way since beginning my journey, I know that I still have so much room to grow and that Kaizen by Grace will always be a work in progress.

Why the name?

  • The Japanese word kaizen means “change for better” and it is used to describe the principle of continuous improvement. Although kaizen is often used in a business setting, I wanted to apply the same ideas to my personal life, as I have always been passionate about getting better (whether that be as a yogi, coder, or chef). Kaizen is all about making small, concrete improvements and that’s why each post in this series is a concise, actionable step that you can take today.

How to use it?

  • I’m hoping that sharing my steps will be helpful to people who, like me, want a clear way to tackle life’s challenges. I’ve added numbers to each post to show the order that I followed, and also as a suggested path. That being said, you should make this journey your own, so feel free to rearrange the steps and skip ones that don’t appeal to you. However, I do recommend you start by building a foundation using the most basic steps (1-10).

What makes me qualified?

  • I don’t have any fancy titles but I do have a lot of experience with pretty common problems (insomnia, anxiety, procrastination, perfectionism, etc.) that made my life feel like a giant mess. This system is just what helped me and if you’re feeling tired, overwhelmed, and unmotivated like I did, then maybe it will help you too!

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