kaizen X graceHow to be effective from the ground up.

1 - Write Something Down

Sounds easy right? Well, this time it really is that easy!

What should I write down?

  • You should write about yourself. Write down what happened today. Write down how you feel. Or even better, write down how what happened today made you feel. Write down your wildest dreams. Write down your biggest fears. I know it may seem silly, but just do it. (Side note: silliness is awesome, more on this later). For now, it’s not that important what you write down; just write something down.

Why should I write something down?

  • Ah the juicy question, my favorite question: why? There’s something special about physically writing things down. According to experts, writing by hand stuff engages more of our senses and I definitely agree. In my opinion, writing stuff down (your thoughts fears, worries, and everything else) is a way of clearing your mind. Feeling overwhelmed? Write it down. Feeling sad? Write it down. Feeling excited? Write. It. Down. You know all of those random thoughts floating around your head? Get them out. Write them down. Once your thoughts are written out on paper, your mind is no longer responsible for holding them. This means that by writing things down you can clear out all of your mental clutter, making space for happiness and the steps to come.

How do I write something down?

  • Get a piece of paper and a pen and just start writing. Yes a physical piece of paper. Don’t worry too much about what you are writing or what it looks like, just get something down. You don’t even have to keep the paper: if you want you can write all over a dirty napkin and then just throw it out.

1 – Write something down. And once you already do regularly, go on to the next step…