kaizen X graceHow to be effective from the ground up.

15 - Eat

Finally, a delicious step.

What is “eat”?

  • Add one healthy thing to your diet every day. I would suggest a leafy green vegetable, but I’m biased. Choose whatever you like but no cheating, donuts don’t count.

Why should I “eat”?

  • Revamping your whole diet at once just doesn’t last. And by now, you must know we’re all about making tiny changes that stick. So we’re starting small and just adding some more nutrients into your day. Later on, we’ll remove something, and then add something, and over time what you eat will really fuel you to achieve your goals.

How do I “eat”?

  • All you have to do is add this one extra nutritious item to one of your meals. I would suggest eating it first, who knows you might find yourself more satisfied and wanting less of whatever you normally indulge in.

15 – Add some greens (or fine any other color) into your diet. And once you’re adding some extra nutrients to your meals every day, check out step 16.