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5 - Micro-routine

Tiny, tiny, tiny…

What is a micro-routine?

  • A micro-routine is a small set of tasks that you do every day.

Why should I have a micro-routine?

  • Well, routine = stability. Routines are grounding. Having a routine adds calmness and consistency to your life. And, a micro-routine is the perfect way to start incorporating routines into your life; it’s much easier to start with a micro-routine than with a full-on morning or night routine (we’ll get to those later!).

How do I make a micro-routine?

  • Pick a small group of tasks (3-4) that will make you feel better (happier, effective, satisfied, etc.) every day. The tasks can be anything you want but make sure they are relatively easy to complete (running 5 miles every day is not easy), then add these tasks to your daily to-do list. There you have it: a micro-routine! You can star these tasks, put them at the top, or even give them a separate section; just make sure they go on the list every day. Now you might still be wondering what types of tasks should be part of your micro-routine. Mine started off with just writing, daily gratitude, and making a daily to-do list. Sound familiar? Yup, that’s right. If you’ve been keeping up with steps 1-3 you already have the foundation of a killer micro-routine. All you have to do is get in the habit of adding these steps to your list every day. Who doesn’t love a #free #step???

5 – Start a micro-routine! And once you’re doing your micro-routine every day head on over to step 6 :)