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7 - Something Holding You Back

Get ready to slingshot ahead…

What is something holding me back?

  • Be completely honest with yourself, what is the number 1 thing holding you back from feeling better right now? This could be Snickers bars, or that one Netflix show you love, or tequila. Whatever it is, it’s your vice. You just can’t resist. For me, it was Instagram. I would spend hours mindlessly scrolling, numbing my brain. It was just so easy; anytime I unlocked my phone, my fingers would open the app out of habit. I wasn’t really being productive or getting anything done because I was wasting all of my time on this app. Instagram was something holding me back.

Why should I remove something holding me back?

  • To do more and feel better you really need time and space. To create more time for yourself, you’re going to have to trade in some bad habits. But why start with your vice, your secret lover? Well, chances are if this is holding you back, it’s taking up a lot of mental space. Even if you’re not consciously aware of the stress it causes you, somewhere in your mind you know it’s bad, and knowing that every single day adds up! So, why not take advantage of a little two-for-one deal and get rid of that mental stress and wasted time in one go! Seriously try it.

How do I remove something holding me back?

  • For me, the answer was simply go cold turkey. Some of you might want to try limiting your consumption to maybe one Snickers bar a day or one episode a day, but for me that would never work. I have a highly addictive personality so to really get rid of something, I have to do exactly that, get rid of it. So personally, I’d say cut that bad habit out of your life right now, but if you trust yourself enough to stick to a reduced plan you can try that too.

7 – Get rid of something holding you back! And when you don’t miss it anymore (or you just feel ready to move on) head over to step 8.